“Of all the games I’ve played and covered in 30 years, none has been more challenging or as much fun as Speeedball. My friends from high school still talk about it. It combines the best aspects of a number of popular sports and I’d highly recommend it to any school physical education program. I loved everything about it!”  

-Al Trautwig (5-time Emmy Award Winning Sports Commentator and Host)

“I have had the privilege of observing Bob Walpole teach his wonderful sport, Speeedball, at my camp program in West Hartford, Connecticut and at the World Scholar-Athlete Games in Rhode Island. Speeedball is a terrific game which completely engages the participants, both boys and girls. It has become the most popular game at Camp Renaissance and the campers absolutely love it! Also, the participants at both my camp and at the World Games really enjoyed Bob’s great presentation.” 

-Dan Doyle, renowned author, speaker, Founder of the Institute for International Sport

My buddies and I all agree that some of the most memorable times we ever had in high school were playing Speeedball, the game invented by Mr. Bob Walpole. It was a great mix of basketball, soccer, lacrosse and many other sports and the cardiovascular benefits from it were tremendous. We used to miss lunch just to play during free periods. The best part of the year was the annual tournament. Kids would practice in the playgrounds, draft players all year, show up in uniforms they bought or made themselves with team names and play before a packed-house in the gym. I was a PE teacher for many years on the elementary level and when I introduced this game at a modified level the kids could not get enough of it. I also had an end-of-the year tournament and even kids who never participated in any sport made sure they played in it. This game has so many benefits that it should be part of every physical education curriculum across the country.”

-Rocco Balzano, retired physical education teacher, John Street School

“I was introduced to Speeedball as a gym class activity in high school. It’s fast, exciting, fun and, for some, the opportunity that dreams are made of. From winning the after school tournament at the close of my senior year, I went on to play in 206 international games including 2 Olympics, 4 World Championships and 4 Pan-American events. Having travelled the globe playing in these tournaments and experiencing the culture of hundreds of countries, I can truly say that it has been Speeedball that has given me the direction for who Iam and what I do today more than any othersingle influence.”

-Bill Kessler, 1984, 1988 USA Olympic Team Handball Goalie

“If  I were asked what new activity all physical educators could incorporate into their physical education curriculum as the obesity and lack of fitness epidemic grows, that activity would be Speeedball. It puts a premium on fitness, can be played at every grade level for boys and girls and involves the use of minimal  equipment. As a school athletic administrator and one involved in observing athletic activities throughout New York State for the last four decades, I can honestly state that I have never observed a more encompassing or popular activity for the majority of our school age students, grade levels 7-12. No sport I’ve observed in the thousands of gyms I’ve been in – none - has generated the unparalelled enthusiasm in both boys and girls that this sport does and I feel it should be an integral part of any school program.”

-Marc Martone, retired Assistant Executive Director NYSPHSAA and District Physical Education Director

“The game of Speeedball is the best thing to happen to any middle or high school physical education program. As a high school student I, along with everyone else, couldn’t get enough of the sport. It provides team concepts, competition and a great workout while utilizing and enhancing many of the physical and mental skills necessary in several popular sports played in America today. Not only that, but the level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm that comes along with the game only adds to the overall enjoyment of any school experience. Currently, as a PE teacher in the Bronx, NY, I play the game in my school and the students love it. The only real problem I have with it is trying to get them to stop! Highly recommended ! 

Tom Wiermann, PE teacher, M.S. 101



As seen in the August 2008 issue of Scholastic Coach


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