Speeedball was first introduced to physical education classes at Carey High School in Franklin Square, New York in 1971 by Bob Walpole, a physical education teacher and coach at the school. He tried to create a game for both boys and girls that would combine the skills, rules, conditioning, speed and excitement of basketball, hockey, team handball, lacrosse and soccer.


General Idea

The general idea of the game is to advance the ball as you would in basketball and score from outside a designated area (as in hockey, team handball and lacrosse) by shooting (throwing a ball) at a net or area protected by a goalie. Shots can be thrown by the offense either overhand, underhand, backhand, hooked, bounced or “spiked” (as in Volleyball). Screening, changing defensive alignments, power plays, changes “on the fly” and delayed penalties all highlight the excitement and unique quality of the game.

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Where to Play

Speeedball can be played on gym floors and schoolyards of various dimensions, with shooting lines and goal sizes modified for all ages, abilities and situations. In addition, the new outdoor roller-hockey rinks are a perfect venue for the sport. It is an exciting, non-stop activity that can be played with a minimum amount of equipment by youngsters or adults with varying degrees of skill. The tremendous amount of participants in the school tournaments reflect the popularity of the game and have become an anticipated annual tradition.



As seen in the August 2008 issue of Scholastic Coach


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